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  1. Appointment meet in the bright public place of economical and a real benefit, wait indoor each other. If delay must be to apologize, and mention the cause.

  2. Dress is neat, clean, sober.

  3. Meeting friends etiquette, attention the kind, proper, public mindedness. If too much intimate manner in the public place that is not proper.

  4. Do not alone to go the other sex friend house. If there is not proper appointment place, that do not go to reckless, can be company with householder.

  5. If he carry with food in appointment, do not eat reckless. If you leave in midway, then attention whether the drink have some different taste or the quantity much more.

  6. Do not trade the money or loan with net friend, if damage, please the responsibility by yourself.

  7. Do not talk till very late at night, to receive and send off, the proper way by public bus.

  8. If the smoke and mist place , forward to dark street, if he ask for the over demand, calm and find method, to speak tenderly that have something shall be end the appointment and say goodby.

  9. To go out appointment with stranger, do not easy believe their background, meantime tell householder or friend to record their name, address, telephone, where you going and when you come back.

  10. The friend select from document information, but still need of you are carefully to investigate openly and secretly their actual background.

  11. Maybe introduce both parents to meet and recognize each other.