If The Heaven has emotion, The Heaven shall be old.
If the moon always round, that somthing no short.
Basis, Blue mountains will not old, but white hair for snow.
Basis, Green water will not worry, but the wrinkles on th face because of wind.







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Cloud color, cloud form, what mean?
Cloud word, space word, universe word, please who talk?


Time machine.
time space travel, physical long short, time guick slow, space big small, gravity zone can turn time space different backgroud?
The gate of time space leads to the place where want to go?




Big planet, middle planet, small planet, clockwise revolve, anti-clockwise revolve, complex but according to the philosophy of order, law of celestial path. pray.


Paradise. world. Hell. Reincarnation. Miracle. Virtue.


Visible world, invisible world, mirage. Soul appearance, transformation turn into spirit smoke air?


Vacuum nature birth wonder have.
Empty is exist.


E.T. Extraterrestrial send receive to say hello sign.
E.T. to use computer mobile?
Univeres space invisibe sound wave audio message, mind telepathy such as telephone number to feel and respond?


Human, animal, plant, mineral, nature world express manner, phenomenon, someone is not use word language to inform message? tone, sign language.


Car transmit to outer planet, reference fax, 3d printer?


Sky, which star is you?